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Renting your Property

Beechmont Mountain Sales specialises in selling and managing rental properties in the local area.

We have been a presence on the mountain since 2006 providing a superior level of service, personalised assistance and with local knowledge that brings prospective tenants right to our door.

We manage many properties on the mountain for our landlords, who live both locally and interstate, successfully with a zero rate of vacant properties.

Our Property management team work cohesively and diligently to ensure the attention is given in taking care of your investment property. Matching the right tenant to the right property is very important to us, ensuring happy tenants and happy landlords!

Our role as property managers is varied and daily changing but we love what we do and it shows through our attitude, performance and happy clients.

So let us take care of your property and your tenants, making this as easy and stress free as we can, for you to successfully owning a rental/investment property.

Our management fees are competitive and our services professional and attentive.

If we have sparked your interest and you would like us to manage your investment property now, or in the future, or maybe your circumstances have changed and just wish to have a chat about renting out your home at some point, then please give our Property Management team a call so we can discuss your options.

Phone Sue-Anne or Renee on 5533 1033 or email us at

See  Testimonials from our happy Landlords and Tenants regarding the services we provide.

“My partner and I had wanted to move to Lower Beechmont for some time, and when we found our perfect little home, Sue-Anne was so lovely and accommodating. We were welcomed into the community with such personal warmth which is what we were attracted to when moving to the mountain. Everything requested is met with a prompt reply and always met with care and consideration. Best real estate I have ever dealt with!”
Kara and Craig Lower Beechmont

“We have used Beechmont Mountain Sales as our rental property agent for nearly 20 years on the mountain. It was a tricky situation we were in to start… We usually managed our own rental properties but we got in trouble with a very difficult tenant and Kaye came to our rescue! She handled a difficult situation with professional skill and excellent customer service. The property was managed very well since then by Beechmont Mountain Sales and we have now been able to move into our property and live on the mountain. We can highly recommend the service provided. Accurate, timely and supportive.”
John and Sue, Beechmont

“We are so grateful to have been in the hands of Beechmont Mountain Sales in our process of moving from suburbia to mountain village living. We were fortunate enough to have had Sue-Anne Greet me on my first inspection of the rental property and effortlessly she made me feel right at home. She accommodated two inspections for me and promptly, professionally and with excitement she gave us the news we were successful applicants. Without hesitation Sue-Anne went above and beyond and even further looked at the school bus options for my children which I was so impressed at how personal and thoughtful she was as a person. To our family Sue-Anne and the team at Beechmont Mountain Sales was our first point of contact to Beechmont in which they made such a friendly first hand impression and has continued to be so approachable, professional and easy to communicate with as property managers”
Sheila, Beechmont

“Beechmont mountain real estate is wonderful. Always prompt with maintenance issues or any communications. All the ladies I’ve met, have been a pleasure to deal with, very friendly & understanding. Our experience renting with you so far has been amazing.”
Mckenzie Family, Lower Beechmont

“We have bought and sold a few investment properties now through the Beechmont Mountain Sales Agency, and have found Kay and the team to all be especially helpful through out this whole process, especially when it comes to managing our investment properties. Kay and Sue-Anne, as well as the rest of the team at Beechmont Mountain Sales, have been extremely professional, pleasant and understanding, for the many years we have now been involved with them, and their knowledge and experience has allowed us to step back from the stress of trying to manage this process ourselves, which we had tried to do previously, and before feeling reassured and confident in passing the whole portfolio over to professionals like Kay and Sue-Anne to manage.”
Anne and Bruce , Lower Beechmont

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